Dear ISA members,

On September 1st, at 3-5 pm CET, Prof. Peter Y. Liu (UCLA and Lunquist Institute, ISA president), will be giving a talk on “Sleep loss and circadian disruption caused metabolic and reproductive ill health through testosterone and cortisol signaling” in Bologna, Italy. This talk will be held online for ISA members, and can be accessed at this link.

A subsequent lecture on “Sleep, and endocrine – metabolic axes” will be given by Prof. Liu in Thessaloniki, Greece, on Monday 12/09/22 at 1 pm EEST (12 pm CET) at the Central Amphitheater of “Papageorgiou” Hospital. Prof. Liu has been invited by the Reproductive Endocrinology Unit of the 1st Obstetrics-Gynecology Department of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki; the lecture will be moderated by Professor Dimitrios G. Goulis.

ISA Officers are looking forward to your participation to these events.





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