Dear ISA Members,

We gladly share the transcript from the welcome talk to Andrology2020 by Prof. Kliesch and Prof. Schlatt.

Dear colleagues, dear friends of Andrology,
We all had a dream…
At the end of 2017, Professor Stefan Schlatt in his role as Secretary of the International Society of Andrology and Professor Hermann Behre in his role as Past President of the DGA – German Society of Andrology – set up a scenario of the first ´World Congress of Andrology` to take place in Münster. In 2018, the European Academy of Andrology joined this project, and in February 2019 we had the first – and only – “real” world meeting of the Program Committee in Münster. At the end of 2019 and at the beginning of 2020, the speakers for plenaries and symposia were contacted and happy to join the conference – and then CORONA started to grow … like a nightmare it steadily grew and changed the world; finally we had to set up a completely new scenario or surrender …
Together with all societies involved and the congress organizer Conventus we then decided to establish a hybrid scenario – another dream …
In the course of 2020, we changed plans again: We started another experiment in our lives – an absolutely fascinating process for us as scientists – and decided to go ahead with a completely digital congress – rearranging all sessions, setting up the digital infrastructure, motivating our top team of scientists and clinicians to join as speakers, moderators and active participants. More than 10,000 emails and hundreds of zoom conferences later we are here with you.
You know the rest of the story: Together with you we now realize our vision of a big andrological community – more than 700 registered participants by now – and will exchange exciting scientific news in the field, take research results to clinical practice for the sake of our patients, increase our andrological competence and pave the way for the future of our discipline – with all talks and presentations available online until January 2021.
In the end, we just had to do one thing: change from “onsite” to “online” – thank you for making this dream come true with us and welcome to Andrology 2020!

Prof. Sabine Kliesch Prof. Stefan Schlatt
President DGA, Congress Chair EAA

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