Comment from Past President P. Troen

Despite the introduction of the term in 1891, I was unaware that I became an andrologist in 1954 when I started the study of the testis with Al Albert. It was not until some 15 years later, with the appearance of an andrology journal (Andrologia) and an active organization (Comité Internacional de Andrologia / CIDA; International Committee of Andrology), that the use of this term became widespread. This was followed by the founding of several national andrology societies starting in 1975.
In 1981 Ebo Nieschlag approached me about becoming the first secretary of a new International Society of Andrology. During my eight years as secretary, the number of member societies increased rapidly from the initial six and it became apparent that communication with our widespread membership was a challenge. Accordingly, in 1989 we began the publication of a Newsletter that was distributed to our worldwide membership. With newer technology (and because of the cost of printing and distributing a hard copy publication), in 1996 we established the andrology website. Its success allowed us to end the print edition in 1998.
Although this brief historical note may be of interest, it is important to emphasize that the successful growth of ISA has been due to the enthusiastic and committed support for the Society from large numbers of outstanding clinicians and scientists from multiple disciplines worldwide. It has been a pleasure and an education to participate in this effort.
Philip Troen, MD
President International Society of Andrology
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