The First International Course on Andrological Sciences, organized by Fabrizio Menchini Fabris (Italy), Torello Lotti (Italy) and Willy Pasini (Switzerland), took place in Montecatini, Italy on October 26-29, 1995. The intent of the Course was to arrive at a global view of male health with the contribution of andrologists, urologists, dermato-venerologists/cosmetologists, psychiatrists, psychologists, and sociologists, collecting all the disciplines dealing with man's sexual sphere.

Male sexual inadequacy and male infertility were the topics of contributions from G. Waites (Switzerland), G. Arvis (France), and F. Pontonnier (France). Epidemiology and causes of male sexual sphere diseases in Turkey, India, Cyprus were analyzed by H. Hattat (Turkey), S. Krishnamurti (India), and K. Mahmoud (Cyprus). Dietary supplementation of fatty acids, transdermal therapy, and nitric oxide promoters appear to be new possibilities in the treatment of male sex inadequacy. New diagnostic possibilities for andrology included: echo-color-doppler power imaging, video-optic-probe-capillaroscopy (V.C.O.), and a special digitized thermography.

The impact on the quality of life, the social relevance and significance of male sexual sphere diseases were also analyzed by major Italian sociologists, psychologists and journalists. In this view global health and social significance the International Course on Andrological Sciences combined many specialists of various disciplines together with the subject of andrology to find ways to improve the quality of life by adding life to years rather than only years to life.

On Thursday, October 26, the main subject was male sexual inadequacy. V. Mirone (Italy) spoke about new dynamic methods of study in male sexual inadequacy. S. Curry (Italy) explained V.C.O. and the results with a new vaso-active transdermal treatment. An interesting new approach to erectile disorders by using prostaglandin synthase promoter, such as fatty acids omega-3 was presented by M. Cocchi (Italy). A. Santinami (Italy) in the special lecture "Depression and sexual behavior" analyzed the impact of mood disorders on sexual activity in the male and the female. On Friday, October 27, F. Menchini Fabris in the special lecture "New possibilities in the treatment of sexual inadequacy" talked about the new therapy of male sexual inadequacy by the administration of nitric oxide synthase promoters such as L-arginine, the transdermal testosterone replacement system and the use of intracavernous injection of PGE1 cocktails.
Dr. E. Panconesi (Italy) and A.M.C. Figuereido (Portugal) spoke of the impact of sexuality and male sexual disorders on the quality of life. The session concluded with the presentation "Quality of life and the media" by R. Iadicicco (Italy) and by O. Bevilacqua (Italy) about the important role of mass media on sexual behavior.

On Saturday, October 28, male infertility, male cosmetology and sexual appeal were reviewed by dermo-cosmetologist T. Lotti and L. Parish (USA). H. Hattat (Turkey) discussed selected clinical cases, treatment, and controversies and G. Waites (Switzerland) talked about new concepts of Andrological Sciences in Humans. On Sunday, October 29 in a symposium "Male infertility, causes and diagnoses" S. Krishnamurti (India) reviewed the microsurgical treatment of male infertility, K. Mahmoud (Cyprus) talked about varicocele and infertility, and for the first time the very interesting results of the treatment by pure FSH before IVF were presented by J. Ashkenazi (Israel). Aging of the skin, the relevance of smoking to the essential fatty acids of the skin and the decrease of the nitric oxide synthase of the skin in smokers were analyzed by R. Wolf (Israel).

Fabrizio Menchini Fabris, Italy