The International Congress: "The Human Testis: Its role in reproduction and sexuality" took place October 14-16, 1999 at Pisa, Italy. The Congress was organized by Professor Fabrizio Menchini Fabris, Director of the Department and the Post Graduate School of Andrology of Pisa. The aim of the congress was to stress the unifying role of the Andrologist. The Andrologist is the physician dealing with the male and he appears to be destined to be the specialist who will be receiving wider and wider requests for consultation. Given the progress of surgery and medicine which allow a great increase in life expectation with a concomitant high social, medical and economical impact, the Andrologist will need to intervene to promote a good quality of life to ensure a "successful aging." The successful aging implies the prevention of age related diseases such as prostate cancer, male osteoporosis, andropause and also infertility.

The Congress was attended by more than 200 scientists, clinicians and experts in various disciplines from Europe, Egypt, Turkey, Libya and Argentina. The President of ISA, Ilpo Huhtaniemi (Finland), opened the Congress presenting a study about the mutations and polymorphism in gonadotropin and gonadotropin receptor genes. The study showed a possible effect of gonadotropin structure, explaining the pathogenesis of several diseases with abnormal gonadal function. The discussion of FSH isoforms was continued by the presentation of Ricardo Calandra (Argentina) dealing with the influence of androgens on carbohydrate structure of FSH isoforms.

The afternoon session centered on testicular sperm extraction and selection with the presentations of J. Tesarik, E. Greco (Italy), I. Aslam (UK) and D. Adamopoulos (Greece). The following session on the role of Andrology in Mediterranean Countries was led by the presidents of their respective National Societies: D.A. Adamopoulos (Greece), A. El Behiry (Egypt), S. Tellaloglu (Turkey), and H. Hussein (Libya). The session was closed by a review of Aesthetical Andrology including Androgenic Alopecia, and P.A.D.A.M by R. Schoysman (Belgium).

The following day addressed erectile function, osteoporosis, male infertility, and prostate. In the session on erectile function the results of NO biochemical assessment after oral sildenafil was discussed by P. Rossi (Italy) and the ECD Power Doppler imaging of penile arteries by L. Sarteschi (Italy), both of them from Pisa University. K. Griffiths (UK) showed data on the role of estrogens in the regulation of prostate growth.
The last day of the Congress began with a lecture by A. Bertozzi (Italy), from University of Pisa, on the preliminary results of assessment of apomorphine in male sexual desire disturbances. The session focused on the therapy of erectile failure. I. Habon and S. Rimpler (Germany) reviewed the ready fill syringe technology. the final lecture was about topical treatment of Peyronie’s disease by C. Riedel (Austria).

At the closing ceremony, all the participants were invited to join the Vth International Congress on Therapy in Andrology to be held in 2002.

Fabrizio Menchini Fabris, Italy



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