An International Andrology Workshop was organized is Moscow, Russia, on October 7-8, 2002. The local organizers of the Workshop were the Russian Association of Andrology and the Russian Research Centre for Endocrinology, Moscow, under chairmanchip of Professor Nikolai Goncharov. The workshop was organized in the lecture hall of Hotel VEGA outside the center of Moscow. This two-day event was attended by about 65 participants, who came from different parts of Russia and former USSR, including Moscow and Central Russia, Volga Region, Northern Caucasus, Siberia, Far East, Uzbekistan, and represented in their clinical backgrounds general endocrinology, andrology, urology, sexology, pediatric endocrinology and andrology.

The faculty consisted of 5 foreign lectures, who all gave two lectures of various topics of clinical andrology.

The programme consisted of the following lectures:

  1. Introduction. Definition of Andrology (G. Forti, Florence, Italy)
  2. Normal and pathological function of the male the hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal axis (I. Huhtaniemi, London, UK)
  3. Testosterone production and androgen replacement therapy. Androgens in aging men. (L. Gooren, Amsterdam, the Netherlands)
  4. Spermatogenesis and paracrinology of the testes (B. Jegou, Rennes, France)
  5. Semen analysis. WHO Manual (A. Giwercman, Malmö, Sweden)
  6. Prostatic diseases and androgens (W. Weidner, Giessen, Germany; was unable to attend, but provided lecture material to the workshop)
  7. Metabolic syndrome and insulin resistance (L. Gooren)
  8. Male infertility and its causes (A. Giwercman)
  9. Examination and treatment of infertile male. WHO Manual (G. Forti)
  10. Accessory organs: epididymis and prostate (W. Weidner)
  11. Research in andrology and male contraception (I. Huhtaniemi)
  12. Male sexual dysfunction (L. Gooren)
  13. Environment and male fertility (B. Jegou)

In addition, the local participants presented clinical cases which were vividly discussed amongst the lecturers and audience. The participants expressed their gratitude to the organizers and the faculty team for the excellent organization of the Workshop.

Financial support for the Workshop was obtained from The International Society of Andrology, The European Academy of Andrology, the World Health Organization, Dr. M.V.Koryakin (Center of Human Reproduction, Moscow, Russia), and V.V.Tsygankov (

Nikolai Goncharov, M.D. Russia



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